Cruising back

We are now heading back to Brisbane, having weighed anchor and set off a little after midday out into Port Phillip Bay. It takes a couple of hours to slowly navigate around the Bay and out into Bass Strait, past the lighthouse on Point Lonsdale. Despite it being uphill it is only two and half day’s cruising back to Brisbane, the same as when we came down. Of course, allowing for the hour of day light saving we pick up going home. The weather also improved going north and the seas calmed down.

Pt Lonsdale lighthouse
Looking out our doorway

It is also pretty much the same on board too. Food, entertainment (including trivia) and sleep. The health and wellbeing seminars also get a re run. It is quite relaxing sitting back with not much to do, makes you tired though, and an afternoon laydown is useful.

Allthego mentioned at the start of the cruise that it was a party boat, or ‘ship’ as is preferred. It did not fail to live up to the anticipation, everyone though was largely well mannered and considerate. The music was mostly loud and seeped out into the corridors. Some of it was very pleasant though and had toes tapping along with the tunes. The nightly production shows in the theatre were also good. Allthego and Homealone gave the sit-down comedy ones a miss though, non-stop dirty jokes and comedians who laugh at themselves are not our favourites.

Highly Strung. These guys were excellent, tunes from all genres. They made a bit of noise too!
Cover Girls, all those romance tunes from times past. Forties to Sixties.

Friday night was a real humdinger show though! It was a forty-minute medley of all our favourite songs from the 60s and 70s, few of which we recognised! A full-scale assault on the senses. The backing group was louder than the singers, who then proceeded to shout and screech in order to be heard above the band. A kaleidoscope of coloured lights flashing in the background accompanied all this mayhem. There must have been at least ten dancers gyrating around the stage among the two or three singers, getting our full attention. Homealone thought Allthego somewhat severe in these comments, failing to recognise the great choreography, the energy and enthusiasm of the singers and dance troupe. This reality check didn’t help the throbbing head and flickering eyes. Now, Allthego remembers back in the late 60s and 70s his appreciation of all this action and visual. He seems to have mellowed in recent years and now likes crooners and lounge music. Enough said.

Yes, Titanic

There was also a lecture on the demise of the Titanic, coming at the tragedy from a different angle by looking closely at the people involved. The owners, crew and passengers. The guy who did it was one of Pacific Encounter’s officers. A Canadian who lives in Halifax, where many of the dead are buried. He is an expert in the subject. Plenty of film clips, old photos and tales of the time. It was entertaining too, like the film!

Couldn’t get away from the horses though, Q & A sessions with a jockey, trainer and broadcaster. Allthego listened in on the chat with Greg Miles, he called the Melbourne Cup 36 times before he retired a few years ago. Quite a raconteur, entertaining chat about all the ups and downs of race calling!

Like most of the cruises we have been on we found the food really good, particularly in the specialist venues Albertos (Italian of course!) and Dragon Lady (Asian fusion). No complaints at all. It appears Allthego’s tee shirts are a little tighter than when we set off a week ago!

Baked pork riblets

Before disembarking the ship this morning at 7am Allthego couldn’t resist a plate of bacon and eggs, a piece of tomato and sausage thrown in as extras. Won’t see this again for some time I suspect. Very tasty start to the day!

We are now home and looking forward to some quiet time in the run up to Christmas. What will 2023 bring? Hopefully, peace in Europe and elsewhere and more stability in the world for all. Of course, Homealone is pressing and wants to be out and about somewhere soon and Allthego is having a look at those maps!

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Tony and Rosemary

    Welcome home. Pleased you are back safely. Sound like a fabo time and a big tick on the bucket list. Just buy a bigger tee shirt. 😁
    See you soon

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