Monthly Archives: December 2011

Leaving Houston!

Well we are on the go. Off now for a bit of last-minute sunglass shopping for Gillian at Oakley and then lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings…what delights await here!  When we return there will be rushed packing before heading to the airport for the return home flight.


“She was 21 when he left Galveston……….Galveston O Galveston”

Up the pole at Keemah

On the beach at Galveston

Thus sang Glen Campbell, we arrived and left the next day and are long way from 21.

We have returned from an overnight stay on the harbour in Galveston and a morning on the Boardwalk at Keemah, an amusement Pier. At Keemah we had a ride up a vertical lift type ride that gave an all round view about 170 ft up. Leanne declined the experience. Mitchell had a go on the roller coaster, was the only person on it!  Both places were semi deserted as winter approaches. This would be a good place to come back to when there are a few more people around.  There was a major hurricane here around 1900 and the more recent Hurricane Ike in 2008 which was a Brisbane flood like experience but with the water coming from the sea.

 We wandered around the Strand area which has a lot of restored buildings from the early 1900s when Galveston was a major commercial centre in the South, ‘the New York of the South’. Historically it was a centre for piracy and a major Civil War sea battle took place here.  Galveston is also famous for its flounder which is in plentiful supply in November and I enjoyed a grilled one for dinner, Leanne sampled a largish Crab Cake .

As we left for Houston for the return to Houston we drove along the sea wall and  had lunch at a ‘shack’ on the sand overlooking the Bay.