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Returned to Ilfracombe and have done Longreach almost

We left Muttaburra and headed back to Ilfracombe via Longreach, a bit of a stroll through the outback this was with much road kill and great scenery along the way.

Back in Ilfracombe we have spent the day at Longreach attractions QANTAS Founders Museum and the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, a bit of history and explorer stuff here which by the end of the day was wearing and had us washed out a bit. Luckily, we got back to the van park for happy hour and a chat.

Over the last couple of days Russell has enjoyed the ambience of the local spar, it gets a bit crowded with bodies at times. Needless to say some of the bodies are not always up to scratch and I have to make way so to speak. Not that I am being critical here of course, perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Had a late afternoon river cruise on the Thompson River on an old paddle boat followed by a camp dinner and bush poet entertainment. Most enjoyable, some old jokes flowed non stop and we have forgotten all of them.

We move on tomorrow to Carisbrooke Station, south of Winton for 4 days. From here we go out to Lark Quarry to see the dinosaur stampede tracks. Also time to just sit back in the great outback.

Enjoying the ambience of the Ilfracombe spar, I went twice but as always requrired three visits to cure all ills, just have to come back.

Black Caviar II setting the pace in the Thompson River classic, part of the bush poet show

At Muttaburra for a day

Along the road

We have left the van at Ilfracombe and have gone for an overnight trip to Muttaburra via Aramac. Muttaburra is the home of the famous Muttaburrasaurus and about 100 people thereabouts. The Muttaburrasaurus was found in 1963 and is displayed in the Qld Museum, there is a full scale replica in the park here. The town heritage walk is facinating as it takes you past vacant blocks of land on which the buildings long gone once stood, I think this is were that phrase a ‘vacant look’ must have originated.

Weather continues to be great, late winter and it was 30 degrees thereabouts today, sitting on the verandah of the motel as I write this at 10pm in shorts and tee shirt. Heading back to Ilfracombe tomorrow via Longreach.

Russell carefully negotiating flooded creek crossing on the way to Muttaburra. Leanne is on roof taking this shot.


Percival had a good look at the Muttaburrasaurus langdoni, to give it its full name.


Arrived at Ilfracombe

The Brolga became a friend

Percival allthego

We have today arrived at Ilfracombe, which is about 25k from Longreach. A internet problem has held up the blog for a day or so but we are now althego.

After leaving Tambo the road took us through Blackall up to Barcaldine where we stayed for two nights. Balcaldine is the claimed birth place of the Labor Party, formed out of the aftermath of the shearer’s strikes in the 1890s. Much of the town is given over to this celebration of political birthing. When one reads some of the material in the Australian Workers Heritage Centre (which was not here when we last  made a visit some 20 years ago) the unions have certainly made ground over the last hundred years. One can speculate on what conditions would be like today without their input. Some of today’s work claims look like trifle compared to the issues faced 100 years ago. The Tree of Knowledge memorial is also impressive. The original tree was posioned a few years back and a ‘Yung-un’ is planted at the Heritage Centre. The ‘Yung-un’ is a genetic clone of the original and is now about 20ft high. The actual memorial for the tree was made by a colleague of mine out of recycled timbers, it s a most impressive structure.

In ourVan Park we were treated to a happy hour of billy tea and damper and also had the company of a young Brolga.


Percival allthego

Now at Tambo


Long drive today up to Tambo which is on the Landsborough Hwy 200k south of Barcaldine, the birth place of the Australian Labor Party during the great shearer’s strike in the 1890s (? to check). Roma and the countyside around is full of these bottle trees, they are not Boabs. One could take endless series of photos of these, they are all different shapes and sizes and one can see different expressions in the knobs and bumps on the trunks. A political cartoonist could find all sorts of likenesses I’m sure.

Sat down tonight for a plate of chillie con carne and all the trimmings outside the Imlay’s van and intoduced them to Percival the pig (Percy for short) which is our van animal and whilst it makes a noise it doesnt eat anything  or make small deposits. The girl’s (Imlay’s animals do) were a bit perplexed by Percy. I will have a photo of Percy for you on the next entry.


Who does this look like?



Allthego and Athomealone at Roma, both on the go!

After some months of silence allthego is on the go heading to outback Queensland in the van for a month of frenetic sightseeing and relaxation. Accompanying us on this occasion are the Imlays in their van with a couple of animals to keep them company.  Currently we are at Roma and have been here for two nights enjoying the local scenery, culture and life at the BIG RIG Van Park. Just back from some rump steak and stir fried vegies on the BBQ with a drop of red. Have spent today trapsing around the town taking in the historical landmarks and bottle trees. Roma is one of the coal seam gas centres and seems to be a thriving town, a few whingers (and then maybe they are the wise ones) around compaining about the gas, but not the beer.


Guess who is on the exercise equipment getting fit for something