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Red Rock, last stop

Homealone and Allthego are lying back at the moment after a hectic couple of days camping here at Red Rock with the family. Gillian and the McCononchies had made there way down from Brisbane as a surprise for Mitchell and Piper. He has not seen his sisters and the family for nearly three years. He was a little suspicious because of message flows that were intercepted before he could see them. It has been a pleasant couple of days roaming around the park and the inaugural Finska playoff. Won by Shane, deservedly, with honorable mentions for the oldies who put in good performances.

Family at Red Rock camp
On the beach at Red Rock
Shane, winner of the Finska trophy for 2022

Prior to Red Rock we had moved on from Cootamundra and spent a couple of nights in Queanbeyan with Homealone’s siblings and families, not seen for nearly three years. Mitchell, several years more! Great reunion and chat over lunch and dinners.

The Big Ram

It was then on to Sydney for two nights staying out Camden way. The Big Ram a must see along the way in Goulburn. Caught the second State of Origin game on the TV in Mitchell and Piper’s cabin. Qld going down in a bit of a blood bath, less said the better. There is always the decider!

River Cat coming into the Parramatta wharf.
Leaving Parramatta for Circular Quay in Sydney

Purpose in staying in Sydney was to go into Circular Quay. Piper wanted to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. So we drove to Parramatta to catch the ferry down the Parramatta River to the city. Parramatta is Allthego’s old home town. He lived in Westmead, adjacent to Parramatta, as a child and went to high school at Parramatta High. A bit later in life he worked in Parramatta for a couple of years before the family moved to Queensalnd in 1984. So, Allthego is an Eels supporter from wayback! But Parramatta has changed, the city somewhat unrecognizable in all the development that has gone on. We found our way around to the ferry terminal ok though. These ferries didn’t exist in Allthego’s day. The Parramatta River back then, particularly the section down stream to Silverwater was an ecological disaster. Extremely polluted by riverside factories, including a since closed oil refinery. The river now seems much cleaner, mangroves thriving and water birds on the banks. We are still warned though not to eat the fish if you are fishing and lucky enough to catch one!

Endeavour replica at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour.
Sydney skyline

Great views from the ferry as it makes it’s way down stream past Cockatoo Island, under the Harbour Bridge into Circular Quay, with the Opera House in full view. A P & O Cruise ship is docked at the Quay. A great way to see the city! It takes an hour and half for the journey. After a bit of a look around, including cartwheels on the Opera House forecourt we have lunch and then head back to Parramatta by train. Not nearly as relaxing as the ferry! A long day.

The Bridge
Under the Bridge

Next stop on the way home is Wingham, another Homealone relo stop for the night with the Guttersons. More catching up chat with family, Mitchell hasn’t seem them for many years. A great night reminicing. Elise, one of his cousins back down in Queanbeyan has just delivered up this day a new family member, Archer James. Congratulations!

One of the first Big Things, at Coffs Harbour
This one didn’t get away

So here we are at Red Rock just north of Coffs Harbour. The gang have all gone back to Brisbane, a day early. Jordan has caught a couple of smallish bream in the river and is well pleased, although needing to release them. There is the threat of some pretty crook weather coming overnight. We have stayed behind to face the temptest and return home in a more leisurely manner in the morning. We have been away now for a little over 10 weeks and Allthego is looking forward to getting back and mowing the lawn.