At the Races

The night before the Big Race is full of anticipation for those aboard Pacific Encounter. There is much excitement and chatter. Things are compounded a bit because it is Halloween and many are going along with the theme. Although many aren’t, wet blankets if you like!

Some decorations for Halloween
Homealone and Allthego, joining in…

Allthego and Homealone survive the frivolities and head to be bed for a relatively early night. We have an early start in the morning as our shuttle leaves for the track around 8 am. But first we need to have some breaky and apply the attire for the day.

The early morning weather is quite good as we head off in the buses. It is about a 30 minute trip to Flemington. During the night our ship has moved to a new birth out in the industrial area and we come back into town across the Westgate Bridge, quite a view to the cityscape.

The race track sits beside the Maribyrnong River, a small tributary of the Yarra. It is very full and seems to have flooded, very wet everywhere.

P&O enclosure

We arrive without hassle but frustratingly have to wait an hour before we can get into the P&O enclosure. But we are near the head of the queue and when the gates open we get a good seat under the umbrellas. This is a good move because the skies are becoming threatening and the forecast rain and storms are not far away. The first couple of races get away ok before the rain starts.

The winning post

One of the first things to do at the races it seems is to check out the horses. We were fortunate to see some of the riders taking their mounts out in the mounting yard and get for a spin around the yard, showing off their skills. These are some of the outsiders.

M C Brown (at Left) and R C Brown edging out on some weary looking chestnut steeds.
P J Brown on a fine looking steed, perhaps a little flabby for the long race.

A J McConochie is riding a tired looking brownie grey

The P& O enclosure is not bad but it is a bit overcrowded, just like everywhere of course. People milling around eating and drinking, trying to be seen etc. Quite a crowd despite the weather. Under the umbrella we at least stay reasonably dry, helped by ponchos. Others not so lucky and cop a drenching particularly trackside and in the open stands.

Trackside, Front Lawn

Have had a picture opportunity with the Cup, up close and personal like. Joined in it by Phillip, one of our table companions. Lives at Toowoomba.

Close to the Cup

The weather stabilises for awhile around lunchtime, but the rain returns and then clears for the Big Race. Homealone and Allthego have had some small wagers, just to be part of it all. No winnings.

Guess who

Finish of the 2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup!

In the stands

After the race better judgement prevails and we head off track, before the storms return, to catch the coach back to the ship.

This morning, the Courier Mail celebrates the win by the Brisbane owners of the winning horse Gold Trip!

The ship sets sail for Brisbane around midday. It might be confusing but it is actually Wednesday now!

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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