Stars and more Stars

Well, well aren’t there just a lot of people around here hanging around looking for a buck! And not just stars, all sorts of street jockeys and their angles. From guys selling tours at half price just for you to CD sellers and would be actors masquerading on the streets as MM and Iron Man,  Cat Woman and Spider Man not to mention Disney characters and the rest…..

Keeping that sign up there!

Keeping that sign up there!

Just had to go on the Hollywood Sign and Star’s homes tour to escape them. Guess who sold us the ticket (at half price of course) …a guy called Noah  from Wingham, NSW!  Leanne’s sister Sandra and family come from there. He said the only things worth seeing in Hollywood could be seen on his tour….as you would expect of course. Well it was OK the guide played spot the celebrity, you had to try to stare down people in side-walk cafes and cars to see how much they flinched before driving off when the lights changed. Didn’t see any celebs, maybe they saw us and headed in the opposite direction……….anyway we drove past a number of homes, many of which you could only see the front gate and letterbox,  for all the trees and walls around them. Frank Sinatra’s last LA digs had just been levelled for a redevelopment of some sort.

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA


Dorothy and the gang hang out on the  Metro subway walls along with others Stars

Dorothy and the gang hang out on the Metro subway walls along with others Stars

We also travelled today on the Metro to Downtown LA for a walk around the sights. A busy CBD centre with a few historical leftovers from the Spanish days, which go very much understated. The relatively new Disney Centre looked an interesting place to see some music and theatre action, but we were between shows here. The old Central Markets were a fascinating wander, these date back to early LA days when they were the first fresh fruit and veggie shop. We had lunch at a Kabab bar amongst the oranges, meats and nuts etc.  Quite tasty.

On Hollywood Bl at the Hard Rock Cafe

On Hollywood Bl at the Hard Rock Cafe

Got back a bit late to the hotel after dinner, hoping to see some celebs, there were a few hoping to be celebs lurking in the hotel bar, we avoided them. Thankfully, they didn’t notice us.

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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