Road to Aramac and Alpha was there a Beta way?

Well friends we are a day or two behind on the blog because of some variable internet in this part of the world. Bring on the NBN!

The trip down to Aramac via Prairie and Torrens Creek provided a little test for the petrol tank capacity and km per litre, not to mention stress for the passnger. It is about 370 km to Aramac via this charming route through pretty flat grazing country. Lucky it was flat because this allowed the driver’s prowess to shine  as he coaxed the vehicle through the last 10km with lights on the dash  flashing telling him to refuel. Couldn’t see anywhere to refuel though. At the end calculations showed we had about 2 litres left, enough for about a further 12km,  so there was no need to get greatly concerned after all.

Had an excellent stay overnight in Aramac before heading off the next day for Alpha, passing through Barcaldine. Nobody seemed to remember us from  when we stayed here a couple of weeks earlier. Enjoyed some famous Barcaldine  lemon merengue pie for morning tea. The proprietor was pretty talkative and apparantly one of these pies fetched $1550 at a Daniel Morecombe fundraiser a few weeks earlier.

Alpha residents a few years back adorned their building walls with 25 or so murals to entertain passers by, some of these have seen better days and one is in a pub that has since closed its doors. In typical fashion the railway people have done a big mural on a train shed and then have since proceeded to put a big high wire fence around it to spoil the view!

Head off for Emerald next where Mitchell spent 3 years teaching after leaving Uni, maybe someone there will remember him?

An old timer at Prairie on the way to Aramac from Hughendon

Leanne having a chat with the proprietor and enjoying the famous Barcaldine Lemon Merengue (have I spelt that right?)

Mural on our camp ground wall at Alpha

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. That Lemon Meringue pie looks scrumptious. And no Russell you did not spell meringue correctly, although, it could be spelled differently down under. Like tire/tyre. Actually your spelling looks more like it is pronounced.

  2. Yes
    Meringue is correct! Merengue is a dance from down in Latin America!

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