Have left Mungo National Park and arrived Wentworth

Full moon rising over the Lunette at Mungo after sunset

Well it was  chilly at Mungo. No internet there so we were off air for a couple of days. Lucky I found some port on the way at Pooncarie to help  fill in the evening under the stars awaiting the eclipse at 5am. Bit of a fizzer for an eclipse but there has been a reasonable sunrise and moonrise/ sunset to compensate. Mungo is an amazing place. We set the van up in the camping ground in a great little location a respectful distance from the hot showers, these being about 2k up the road. It’s not a bad walk except when you get back to the camp you need a hot shower, the trouble is they are 2k up the road. So I gave the showers a miss for a couple of days preferring to soldier on like the old explorers in bygone days. Leanne wasn’t too impressed with this, giving the showers a miss,  not the 2 k walk. We have changed arrangements in the van; she has moved to the top bunk because there is a better view from there and I have gone to the bottom bunk because you can get out quicker.

Mungo is a place one could come for a longer stay there is a lot to see, we stopped in at the Mungo Lodge and this is the place to stay if you like creature comforts. May come back here one day. It is hard to imagine that the lake was covered to a depth of about 8 metres 20,000 years ago and is now dry and been so for 10,000 years or so, who’s counting. Global warming is an interesting concept indeed!

 Left Mungo this morning  and arrived at Wentworth, treated ourselves to a warm bed at a motel right on the banks of the Darling not far from where it joins the Murray River, we will have a look tomorrow.

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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