Something about nothing

We have been here at Rainbow Beach for five days. Doing nothing, or perhaps, more correctly, very little. No site seeing, museums, tours etc. Largely just sitting around crafting or reading. Allthego has gone down to the beach for a swim each day. Rainbow Beach is a busy little town, taking advantage of it’s gateway status to Fraser Island and being at the end of the long beach drive up from Noosa to Double Island Point.

We are staying at a Big4 Breeze campground. It is about 3 km out of town at Carlo Point on the Tin Can Bay side of the peninsular. We have stayed at Tin Can Bay before. Allthego finds one annoying thing about these campgrounds, beside still water and tidal sand flats. Midgies. They like Allthego and attack aggressively as the sun goes down. They eat Bushmans spray for entree. Legs and arms covered with itchy bites. Here at Carlo Point it is no different. They ignore Homealone because of her daily intake of Vegemite, or so she claims.

The camp is undergoing some significant capital works. Allthego suspects it has not been long acquired by Big 4 and they are now tarting it up to meet their market. In other words they are spoiling it by building rows of box filing cabinets for people to stay in and will be relegating vans and campers to less salubrious areas of the park. Also installing games rooms, TV rooms and jumping pillows. The kids do get outside though and ride around in bikes and various carts.

At least they let us have a fire where we are holed up and we have grilled some rump over the embers, flame wood grilled beef beats gas fires hands down. You do have to let the flames subside though for best results.

We have had some entertainment with the local goanna, being chased around the grounds by a couple of magpies. Perhaps the goanna has got at their eggs or maybe the little magpies at some stage. It hid under our truck for a while before making a dash to some trees. Two Sulphur Crested Cockatoos also joined the chase as it scuttled off into the bush. We managed an out of focus long distance photo during the action.

Have had a meal at the local surf club overlooking the beach and up and down the coastline. Some nice Barra and chips and a Turkish melt, with prawns and avocado. The beach is a little unusual in that it runs almost east-west and has the sun on it most of the day. There is little shade at the back of the beach as the sun slips away in the afternoon. The storm clouds gather late in the day. Apart from one night when we had a fair amount of rain, but no wind, they never came to much. Put on a good show though in the early night sky.

Earlier Allthego climbed a section of the Carlo sand blow that is slowly edging back into Rainbow Beach suburbia. It will take a few years and maybe climate change and rising sea levels will beat it, then again the sand blow might hold the sea back!

On arrival here we were between two other rigs for a couple of days. They have departed and we have had the area to ourselves, apart from workers coming and going on the redevelopment. It has been a nice break but we now head back home to Brisbane and the festive run in to Christmas.

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Cheryle Bernard

    Rainbow Beach looks very relaxing and the beach quite inviting. It’s hard for us to imagine swimming at the moment but I’m sure in a week we’ll be melting -currently 13°C…. Ridiculous 🤪
    Enjoy your trip home and the upcoming festivities 🎄😘

  2. What a brilliant little relaxing trip away. Safe travels home.

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