Port Campbell

We have now reached Port Campbell, about 90 km further west along the GOR. This little town is in the heart of the Ship Wreck Coast and the base from which we are to explore the Twelve Apostles and the other rock formations spread east and west of the town. The weather has turned decidedly chillier since we have left Lorne, but the sun is out more. The cloud seems to disperse around 11 am with the sun and blue sky emerging. There tends to be a bit of mist and low cloud out to sea, which is very calm. The road down from Apollo Bay turns inland and passes through the Otways, before turning back towards the coast. Not much of the coastline is seen until about 15 km from Port Campbell. The Twelve Apostle visitor centre is on the inland side of the road, it’s really just a big car park, a toilet block and a small café. The helicopter flights set off from here as well.

The Apostles, the one on the right isn’t an Apostle!

Gog and Maygog


You walk under the road and then out to the cliff tops for the iconic views to the west of the Twelve Apostles. Twelve stretches the story as there are only seven, there used to be eight, the last to collapse was in 2005. And before that no doubt others. The remaining ones will collapse some time too. The cliff line continues to erode so maybe some more well be created in the future. I hope so because our latest PM is promising to spend $150m on tourist improvements for the area, to ‘enhance the visitor experience’. Looking the other way to the east one looks down on Gog and Magog. Great scenes.


The creek flowing into the sea at Port Campbell

Our site in the park

Sitting on the levee bank


We set up at the Port Campbell Holiday Park, up against a levee holding back the waters of a small creek that flows behind us into the sea in a corner of the beach, a few hundred metres away. Very pleasant spot here sitting on top of the levee eating some cheese, as the sun slips away into the evening, pondering what the next day will bring.

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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