Smoke gets in your eyes

We have moved on a fair bit in our travels and are now at Prince Rupert on the British Columbia  coast. Blogging has been a bit slack. This is mainly because our stay in Jasper was in a cabin set up about 50 km out-of-town and the internet unreliable, we have also had some long days out and about. So Allthego has got to get a move on and catch up with the story.

On our last day in Lake Louise we took off up the Icefields Parkway to see some of the lakes just north of the town. On leaving it was noticeable that there had been a considerable increase in the smoke blowing across from British Columbia. The wind seems to have changed direction. The mountains were shrouded in it and the sky was a very pale blue. So in our travel up the road we decided to ‘look down’ and not ‘look up’. We went as far as Lake Peyto which, despite the smoky air, was still a spectacular view and Lake Bow was a pretty spot to stop for lunch beside the water.

Peyto Lake

Bow Lake








We turned around here and returned to Lake Louise. The Lake put on an eerie look early in the evening with sun setting behind the mountain ridge line and shining through the smoky air. Back at the hotel the sun was a red ball sinking behind the mountains.

Lake Louise at about 7 pm

A big red sun among the smoke from outside our hotel.








The next morning we left Lake Louise to move on to Jasper, 230 km up the Icefields Parkway. We passed by some of the sights of the day before, the smoke was considerably thicker. We had intended to stop at the Columbia Icefield, about half way to Jasper, to do the tour of the Athabasca Glacier and then wander out on the Glacier Skywalk. Because of the smoke situation we decided against this and hoped for a clear day while at Jasper so we could come back to it.

These are The Rockies not the Smoky Mountains!

Smoke filled valley along the Icefields Parkway











Our wildlife sightings took a quantum leap with the appearance of some Mountain Goats beside the road. Still no bears, elks or moose. The goats though put on a good show, like the deer a few days before they seemed to enjoy the gravel beside the road.

Sunwapta River

Mountain Goats








Closer to Jasper we stopped by the Sunwapta and Athabasca Falls. Quite spectacular flows of waters through rocky canyons. At the Athabasca Falls it seems that every couple of years someone falls over and gets washed away, no hope. There are a number of plaques on seats around the place recording their passing. Not places for brinksmanship.

Sunwapta Falls

Athabasca Falls










We finally reached our cabin accommodation late in the evening and had dinner on the restaurant balcony, gazing into a smoky valley below.

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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