Golf Report………..the aweful truth

The final golf report can now be given. Allthego has completed the final 4 holes. The first 2 of these were along the  Eyre Highway at the  Nundroo Roadhouse and at the town of Penong.  These places are really off the Nullarbor plain as such and in the South Australian wheat belt. South of Penong is the world-famous surfing beach, Cactus Beach. Not sure why it is called ‘cactus’ but apparently the surf is such as to render some surfers ‘cactus’…………perhaps that’s why, I don’t know. Anyway back to the golf.

The Wombat hole is at Nundroo. Now this is a par 5, 520 m. From the tee you can’t see the hole. It is up and over a hill. The fairway is carpeted in almost knee-high buffalo grass. Allthego almost surrendered and wrote down 20, but didn’t.  The wind abated a bit and a respectable 9 resulted, a couple of good strokes here with elevation, so avoiding the grasses and rocks and other impediments.

Wombat fairway

Wombat fairway


Strolling down to the Wombat green











Next stop was Penong and the Windmill’s hole. There are not many residents at Penong. Those that live here have their own windmill to draw their water supplies. There are about 30 of these in a paddock on the town’s outskirts. That is why the hole is called ‘Windmills’. It is  a gentle par 4, 260 m. Allthego shot a 6.


Windmill's green

Windmill’s green

The Wombat hole

The Wombat hole










Onto Ceduna and the final two holes at the Ceduna Golf Club. It’s a pleasant enough course and reflects the dryness of the climate. Fairways dry and dusty, the greens are those oily sand scrapes. They played havoc with Allthego’s putter. The Oyster Beds hole is a 485 m par 5. Denial Bay hole a par 4, 370 m. Whilst sticking to the caddie’s instructions of hitting straight and not worrying too much bout distance, Allthego lost all ability to gain elevation and it was a slug fest up the fairways. A 10 and an 8 were the result. After such a great start on this back 9 to descend into such mediocrity at the close was devastating to the score card. For these 9 holes Allthego managed 68 (par 37), one shot better than the 69 for the first 9 (par 36). The caddie was complimentary on Allthego’s consistency.

On the tee at the Denial Bay hole.

On the tee at the Denial Bay hole.

Putting out at the Oyster Bed's hole

Putting out at the Oyster Bed’s hole









So it was off to the  Ceduna Information Centre for the certificate presentation and to meet any well wishers/greeters. There were none. Apart from Nancy who duly inspected the card and prepared the certificate. Allthego asked whether she would like a photo-op. She kindly obliged with a big grin, saying the last time this was done a young Aboriginal guy photo bombed and poked his head out from behind the poster. He wasn’t around now to do it again.

Final hole at Ceduna Golf Club

Final hole at Ceduna Golf Club

Certificate presentation

Certificate presentation








So completes the golf adventure a grand score of 137, without handicap allowance (which is not worth worrying about). It’s been fun. The certificate is very impressive.


About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Tony and Rosemary Watt

    What an experience! What a certificate! Fabulous photos. Most entertaining to read! Still chortling.
    Best wishes from Westlake

  2. I don’t even like golf but you’ve made me want to do this!

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