The Adventure begins

It is 9 o’clock pm and we are here in Winton, 3 days out from Brisbane and on our way tomorrow to Bouila. It is the start of the meandering over to Western Australia. It is 350km to Bouila along the Kennedy Development Road. This is a highly technical description of a one lane sealed road. We have had an uneventful 3 days so far. Stopping overnight in Roma, Blackall and here in Winton. A rather chilly first day has been followed by clear sunny skies with a little nippy wind from the south. The sun disappears and the temperature drops. Wandering off to the loo at 4 in the morning has been problematic and has required some diligence.

Giant meat ant at Augathella up a pole. You have to be careful of these chaps.

Giant meat ant at Augathella up a pole. You have to be careful of these chaps.


Our route is taking us from Bouila, a bit to the south-west of Winton, across the Donohue and Plenty Highways to the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory; about 650 km of gravel road and no doubt with the odd corrugation or two. From there we head down to Alice Springs and Uluru. From Uluru we head to Waverton in WA across the Great Central Road, another 1,100km of gravel. We should be there about the 18th August. It is then off around the southern half of WA before returning across the Nullarbor to Brisbane.

All up its 91 days, now 88 before we return to Brisbane at the end of October. Homealone is not yet counting.

We have just returned from dinner, splashed out at the Tatts Hotel on a chicken parmie and kiev, absolutely full of nomads spilling out onto the footpath. The publican was having a great night, not to mention the violet haired bux0m bar maid/wench (should’t call her that should I…….perhaps waitress) keeping up with the food orders from the milling nomads. Back at the campground we have had an hour of great bush poetry, plenty of Banjo Patterson as you would expect in Winton.

The countryside out here is showing great signs of recovery from drought, following a rainy 6 months. One suspects follow on summer rains will be needed though to do the job properly. It is green everywhere and the dams are full.

Winton countryside

Winton countryside


Dam near Barcaldine

Dam near Barcaldine








On the way to Bouila we may stop for the night at the Hamilton Hotel ruins.  The mysterious and chilling Min Min lights have been seen in these parts. It is one of the compelling reasons to stop there, 80 km short of Bouila, to get a glimpse of them. But. I have been told that ‘one does not go looking and find the Min Min lights, the Min Min lights find you.’

Until Bouila…….

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Sandra Gutterson

    Glad you finally got away. Have a great (and safe) trip. Look forward to reading the blog.

  2. Glad to hear you making good, safe progress Russell and Leanne. Be careful of those buxom bar maids Russell 🙂 For the trivia bin, Min Min lights around Roma and Mitchell are called Eurella lights.

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