Fossils in Ulladulla

These fossils are definitely  not Allthego and Homealone, although we did pass through Ulladulla on the way to Depot Beach. The fossils I am referring to are the world-class Permian age shallow water marine invertebrates, mussels and clam like things. They left an impression in the rock strata. Also seaweed type things. They go back about 280m years thereabouts.

Pelicans looking for fossils

Pelicans looking for fossils

Anyway we just had to go and have a look for these things on the rock platform in the Ulladulla Harbour. First up we went to the wrong side of the harbour and had to traipse across the other side. These things have to be seen at low tide, we were ok for this. Homealone soon spotted some fossils in the rocks and as we wandered around more and more of these things appeared all over the rock platforms. Quite impressive really. Homealone revealed her true fossil hunting skills as she sat on a grassy patch turning over rocks and found a specimen which we have put in the back of the truck to bring home. Most interesting  hour or so on the rocks.

Shell fish type fossils

Shell fish type fossils

Seaweedy type fossil

Seaweedy type fossil








On the way we also passed by Pidgeon House Mountain, so named by Cpt Cook on his way up the coast because it looks like a pigeon house (or so he considered). We went for a bit of a drive on a sidetrack to get closer to it, the road got a bit ragged so we turned around. Some 8000 people climb the peak each year. We were not to be among them. The last section of the climb is up steel ladders attached to the face of the cliff and we probably would have given these a miss as we hadn’t brought our ropes with us.

Pigeon House Mountain

Pigeon House Mountain

In conclusion, I might retell a little story about nomads. In our last stop Allthego was off to the amenities block in the early hours. There was a bit of rain around and I remarked to a fellow camper that “it was a bit damp this morning” he responded “Mate, you have to worry when it’s not damp”. Now I had to think about that for a while……….


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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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