A Husky start to the South Coast of NSW

We are now off and running on the trip down the NSW South Coast, we are going to come back the same way but stop in at different towns along the way. Due to the rather wet weather in Brisbane we set off a day later than planned, plan is to catch this day up somewhere. Alas, we were further snookered at the NSW border when we lost another hour with daylight saving.

Our first  stop was at Wingham, just outside Taree, where we stayed at the Hillcrest Haven Resort. Hosts Don and Sandra were just great, welcoming us with a glass of wine and a T-bone steak with pepper sauce. This is a great little spot. Freedom camping at its best! I will try to keep the location under wraps.

My readers may recall the Mystery of the spilt salad oil on one of our earlier trips. Well this time I have 2 mysteries to entertain readers. Both of these were mysteries seeking resolution before we left Brisbane. But did not get there. The first is the case of the blinking dim and then non-existent interior van lights. This was a problem that  allthego considered would be simple for someone to fix. All his simple solutions hadn’t worked. The trusty auto electrician in Taree was puzzled, we left it with him and retired to the riverfront for lunch. Upon returning it was fixed. Diagnosis was a faulty light circuit breaker switch. He found it easier to bypass the switch than fix it. Sobeit. A dark mystery was solved by a bright sparky.

We were on the road again but a further half day behind schedule, if there is such a thing.

We had planned to make it to a van park in western Sydney on the way south, but only got to Wyong. We were directed to the Oasis Caravan Park. Oasis appears in the name of many caravan parks and one could be excused for thinking it was some sort of chain. This place might once have been an oasis but it no longer was. Surrounded by suburbia and all manner of permanent residents. We had the choice of two sites. They were near the exit which might have been handy. But we were tired and slept well!

Next morning we were off through Sydney, allthego took a short cut and some time later we were on the Hume Hwy heading south. Near Bowral we took the road to the coast via Kangaroo Valley and the Cambewarra lookout over the Shoalhaven River Valley.

Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley

Hampden Bridge over Kangaroo River. Oldest wooden Suspension Bridge in Australia, built in 1898

Hampden Bridge over Kangaroo River. Oldest wooden Suspension Bridge in Australia, built in 1898









Mountain Devil at Cambewarra

Mountain Devil at Cambewarra

A bird at Cambewarra

A bird at Cambewarra








Emerging at Nowra we have now ended up at Huskisson, or Husky to the locals, on Jervis Bay. Everything is called Husky this Husky that. The pub, the bottle shop, the bakery, the deli cafe, etc etc.

At rest in Husky..........

At rest in Husky……….

You might be wondering what Mystery 2 was? It was the case of the unresponsive internet! Which as you can tell has now been solved. Allthego applied his deep understanding of all things internet to seek a solution to the inaction of his computer. The mobile broadband device was working well, confirmed by Telstra. But the computer wouldn’t connect to the internet. After a few days playing around allthego phoned Bigpond technical support for assistance. After 40 minutes waiting online patience wore thin. Some hours later a call back found Bigpond back at work after morning tea. Xian assisted allthego through the tedious process of fixing this problem, what a relief………….Xian thanked allthego for his attention to detail and following the instructions so well. She was just looking for a good score on the post call survey………..

…………to be continued………..

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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