Doini Island

Well we are coming to the end of our second last day at sea, having left Doini Island yesterday and headed off into the Coral Sea on the return trip to Brisbane. There is much anticipation for tomorrow night. Roosters versus the Cowboys. It should be a close game. Don (Cowboys) and Stuart (Roosters) are both quietly confident. But only one can win. We just have to wait and see I suppose. I just hope the Cowboys don’t get any crook decisions. In previous years they have been hard done by and are due a change of luck in regards to the refs.

Doini Island is a private resort  island owned by some Australians. We set off for a walk around the island. First climbing to a lookout, what a great view. Following this little climb and the walk out to the point Leanne pulled the plug and returned to the pier area.


PNG 2014 331



PNG 2014 339


Russell continued the walk in his thongs. It was a bit up and down. Took a short diversion to the local airport and then continued along to Skull Cave. Quite an interesting place. The locals in traditional times buried their dead upright with their  heads out of the ground. A clay pot was put on top for dignity. After a while the head separated from the neck. At this time the skull (most of the skin and flesh had been cleaned up by bugs) if you were a village elder/leader type was removed and placed in the cave as a mark of respect. There were about 25 skulls in this cave.


PNG 2014 361


Departure lounge at the Airport.

Departure lounge at the Airport.




PNG 2014 376


From here  I moved on to Love Beach. This is actually a surf beach on what I think is the northern side of the island. Just looked magnificent. Onwards I trekked and after about 3 and a bit hours strode into the village as fresh as a daisy, a South Pacific lager went down well. Leanne had been patiently waiting and wining, not whining! She was relieved to see me safely back and for some reason more or less immediately went back to the ship. I went off to do some last minute snorkelling. What a day! Exhausted I was.



PNG 2014 394


It seems other members of the team had lolled around snorkelling or taking short walks around looking at the markets and a caged Cuscus (the possum sort of animal) not to be confused with Couscous (the food thing) and a smallish crocodile. They had a good time and hadn’t ended up with sore feet. The team was pretty sharp tonight at ‘cruise along trivia’ tonight and we pulled back 3 points (I think) to take us into clear third place ahead of the final night tomorrow.

Bed was extremely welcome………..


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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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