Cradle Mountain still but only just

Well we survived the crossing of Bass Strait! It was a pleasant journey in the Spirit of Tasmania 1, there was a little bit of roll from time to time during the night and we had a good nights rest in our 4 berth room on deck 7. There were only the two of us so there was plenty of room.

Raining and windy in Devonport when we arrived and set off to find some breakfast, before doing a bit of shopping to replenish the food stocks. Tassie smoked salmon on cheesy toasted bagels hit the spot along with some coffee at 7am. Still raining as we set off to Coles, still raining only a bit heavier when we left Coles 20 minutes later with our provisions. Did a little bit of a drive around town to see if the rain would ease off, but it didn’t. So we headed off to Cradle Mountain via Sheffield. Its not far to Cradle Mountain, about 80k. After dithering around in Sheffield and Railton (where there are a lot of topiary images) the rain eased a little, so without any further delays we headed off to the Mountain. Made it just in time to get the van assembled, bit of light rain and wind to keep the team honest.

It started to rain harder with a bit more wind, we had some tuna sandwiches for lunch and that gave allthego some internal wind to go with the external wind. Stoic lot we are. Finally, the rain eased a bit and we drove off from the campground up the mountain to Dove Lake, its about 8k along some narrow roads. It started to rain harder and the wind blew harder. The rain turned to sleet and finally some snow started drifting around. Dove Lake was great with all this going on. It was cold, the sleet was going sideways and we went backwards to the ranger station.

It was great to get back to our van nestled in amongst the bush protected somewhat from the wind. Out came the heater and down came the rain and sleet. Got a bit windy as well, taking down our annex. Thankfully, no damage. In checking the annex there was a 4cm layer of sludgy ice on top of it, no wonder the heater was going overtime in the van! As I write this the wind has dropped away and we are getting a few drops of rain. All is cosy as we prepare to bed down for the night.

No pictures tonight the internet is a bit slow up here. Looking forward to tomorrow, although there are showers forecast.

Enough for now.

About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Sounds picturesque :p Have you got the camping ground to yourselves then??

    • No quite a few people are in, mostly in mobile homes of various shapes and sizes. No campervans like us hardy types. A few also seem to prefer the chalets and hotels around here. We had a hot chocolate in one this afternoon and saw a bit of the AFL grand final in front of a fire. Nice place!

  2. I’ve been chuckling away at your descriptions of Cradle Mountain and the weather. We spent a couple of nights there with Scott, Sheri and family – seven of us in their campervan. Helped to keep us warm! I’m busy catching up with all your posts. Sounds as though you’re having a great time. Gotta love the wind and the rain!

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