Waltzing Matilda in Winton and dinosaurs too

Road train approaching on the way to Carisbrooke, we moved over to let it go by in a cloud of dust

We have made it to Winton, been here a couple of days after a night at Carisbrooke Station along the way. A couple of road trains along this dirt road really stirred up the dust.  Travelled down to Lark Quarry to see the dinosaur foot tracks stampede, most impressive discovery and a lot of work and time in uncovering and researching the event, hundreds of footprints in the rock surface. The site is 120 km south of Winton and pretty close to nowhere in particular, remote to say the least. When we emeged from our tour around 1.30pm we discovered the car wouldn’t start. The trusty RACQ arrive just on 6pm to check it out, flat battery. A rather steady drive in the dark back the 120 k to Winton dodging kangaroos, pigs and cattle on the road. L was a bit stressed.

We have since recovered and also gone out to the Age of Dinosaurs site about 20k out of Winton, this is home to another fossil site and an impressive set up for visitors to see the whole process. ‘Banjo’ the meat eater was discovered here and is a neat find. Would have been a nasty piece of work to come accross out camping back in those days.

Winton makes much of its association with Banjo Patterson and Waltzing Matilda, statues and memorials everywhere.

We now head north to Hughendon.

Black cockatoo on the road to Carisbrooke, there was a great flock feeding, probably on seeds dropped by a road train.

View from the site of the Age of Dinosaurs site

‘Banjo’ the meat eater, a replica naer the entrance, original inside!

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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