The great big swing west

We are now heading off down the Murray along the Great River Road along its great arc west. The River leaves the Snowy Mountains in a northwest directon before swinging west towards Albury. One could drive this in a day, but miss many of the twists and turns along the way.

Murray Valley
Murray Cod sculpture at Tintaldra
Toowong Turf Club grandstand, circa 1912

The drive is just that, not a lot to talk about just great scenery and a bit of history. There is a sculpture trail at the small towns along the way showcasing aspects of the natural river environment. We are fortunate in that the weather is basically clear, clouds and sunshine. Not too cold!

More Murray valley
Bogong Moth sculpture at Jim Newman lookout near Tintaldra.
Murray Valley

The views of the Murray Valley are great. In these parts the river is still wild and flows quite quickly. At some point along this section of the river the gradient starts to ease as it flows towards Lake Hume. I need to check the statistics but I believe that between Lake Hume (where we will be staying in a day or two) and the sea over in South Australia there is only a 250 metre drop over about 2000 km of flow. Will check this out, would hate to tell a porky or mislead readers of the blog. The River becomes sluggish and lanquid, well some of us become sluggish too, not sure about lanquid! At times.

Bridge Hotel at Jingellic
The Murray from the campground below the Jingellic pub.
Rather large steak and pork chop at the Bridge Hotel.

We stop about half way along the route at Jingellic in a free camp on the river, below the Bridge Hotel. This is a great spot beside the river and a short walk to the hotel for a country meal of steak and pork chops. The pub seems to thrive off the grey nomads camped by the river. Grey nomads love to hunt out a free camp, but are then happy to lash out at the nearby pub on steaks and other stuff! One of the great ironies of travelling in the van!

Wedge tail eagle sculpture at Mt Alfred Gap lookout.

Beside backwaters of Hume Dam
Bridge over the Hume Dam , 750 m approx long.

The Great River Road drive ends at the outskirts of Albury. The Hume Dam holds the Murray back in a vast catchment, it seems that there is currently an abundance of water in the system as the water catchment stretches back a long way along the road as we come into the Lake Hume Dam wall area. We are here for a few nights to explore the delights of Albury.

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Loving the blog as usual. I’m having difficulty loading the photos though. I’ll try on the computer instead of the iPad and see if that works better. Enjoy your time in Albury, will you take a short drive to Brocklesby for old times sake?


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