Into the Lockyer

We have now moved on from Murphey’s Creek Escape and into the Lockyer Valley proper. The trail takes us through Grantham, another town badly affected by the 2011 flood, to Gatton.

A 2011 flood memorial to residents on Postman’s Ridge Rd.

We stopped here for morning tea.

On the Cobb & Co trail through Grantham.


Originally, we had intended to stay in Gatton for a couple of nights. One look at the only caravan park turned us off this idea immediately, unfortunately a terrible place! Set up for numerous permanents and backpackers as lodgings for seasonal farm workers. Grey nomads and touring types should avoid. So we headed a little further along the trail, passing through Forrest Hill, for Laidley and the camping ground at nearby Lake Dyer. This turned out to be an ideal base and we have stayed here 4 nights in very pleasant surrounds overlooking the dam.


One of the Cobb & Co Staging Posts along the trail. These mimic the former stopping points on the Cobb & Co routes where horses were changed and passengers had a rest and feed. This one is at Forrest Hill.

The Lockyer Hotel in Forrest Hill. Nicely restored, only open Thursday to Sunday.

Forrest Hill War Memorial





Mural in Forrest Hill


The following day we back tracked through Forrest Hill, stopping for a while to check out the small village. Very nice old pub has been restored to its former glory and opposite is a well manicured lawn area, war memorial and Cobb & Co Staging Post marker. The old Cobb & Co route passed about 5 km south of the town.


The 1896 Foundation Building of the Queensland Agricultural College, now Uni of Qld.

Near Forrest Hill, what crop is this?

Avenue of Palms at the Gatton campus of Uni of Qld.


Further back towards Gatton we called in at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus, formerly the Queensland Agricultural College. Drove round and round and finally found the 1896 Foundation Building of the College. A grand old complex now used as a function centre. The Avenue of Palms is also nearby and this is where the students seem to hang out.

Decided to leave Gatton township to another day and returned to Lake Dyer for the afternoon by the Lake. Passed by a crop near Forrest Hill, don’t know what it is. Maybe a reader can satisfy our curiosity?

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I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Enjoying your travel reports as always, that crop you saw is Sorghum, I believe.
    Keep well.

  2. I’m enjoying your blog as usual Russell. The crop is sorghum.

  3. Crop of Sorghum

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