Last days at Cape Tribulation

We have had three days here on the Cape. After the Bloomfield Track drive we have largely lounged around the coastline, up and down from our campsite catching the sights and sounds of this very attractive location. It never ceases to amaze us on our travels of the immense natural beauty this country has and which we can enjoy and experience. This little stretch of coastline has it in spades. No wonder some people come here to visit and stay!


Thornton Beach

Rainforest canopy

Cape Trib road, mostly like this weaving along in the rainforest.


The beaches and fringing rainforest are simply beautiful, hard not to keep clicking the camera button. Allthego’s favourite  were Thornton and Cape Trib Beach itself. The Thornton Beach cafe had a magic location just back from the sand. One could stay there all day gazing out across the ocean having the odd snack or two.


Cape Trib beach

Island off Thornton Beach

Lamb shanks, Asian spicy style. Very tasty at Thornton Beach cafe.


The wildlife was on show as well. A Cassowary sighting in the ‘wild’ is one of the things you hope for here. And we had three! Enough said, a very strange looking  bird indeed. A throw back in time. It is the third largest flightless bird after the ostrich and emu. The male looks after the young until they mature whilst the female wanders off seeking other males. She may have 4 or 5 litters a year.  Unfortunately, not all survive.


Cassowary sighting

Wildlife like this have attacked Allthego remorselessly

Some of the wildlife on the track



A lace monitor also showed its face on the track out to the lookout over Cape Tribulation Beach. We originally saw it beside the track camouflaged among the leaves and sticks, it took off when it realised we had spotted it. Another insect to leave a mark has been the humble mozzie and midges. These have ravaged Allthego in one all out attack. Wounds everywhere. Will recover.

We have moved on to Cooktown and after four nights will be leaving tomorrow for Laura, our next stop on the way orth. Some blogging on our time in Cooktown will have to wait a while as the old internet is a little unreliable (in some places non existent) as we move further up the Cape. We will be off the air now for about ten days. A big catchup looms!


About allthegobro

I am a retired accountant who does a bit of consulting work from time to time. Leanne and I enjoy travelling around seeing the world and we are now going to have some fun recording our experiences in this blog

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  1. Enjoyable reading guys. The Cape sounds exquisite.
    Stay safe. Travelling mercies.

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