Fishy business in Pamukkale

Leaving Kusadasi we next headed for some more Roman ruins at Afrodisias en route to Pamukkale. As with all Roman ruins there is a story to tell which makes these Roman ruins different to the last lot you saw. In this case the  ‘big new thing ‘ is an almost intact Stadium complex with a seating capacity of 30,000 and the temple to Aphrodite. The stadium complex was not a Hippodrome, much narrower, longer and at one end there  was a circular area where the Gladiators held combat. Much of the seating is still intact and unrestored, the top of it is long gone.

Roman Stadium at Afrodisias

Roman Stadium at Afrodisias


After an hour or so wandering around we headed off to Pamukkale which is famous for its Travertine formation, formed from carbonate  depositing out of the region’s aquifer. Interestingly the  supply of water to the travertines  from the aquifer has reduced in recent years (in part due to increased draw down by the locals). So instead of it freely flowing across the whole formation it is now rationed to various sectors on a rotation basis. The pure white colour is also changing in places because of this. So the picture perfect postcards maybe a dying breed in years to come.   



Rose Garden and pool below the Travertines of Pamukkale

Rose Garden and pool below the Travertines of Pamukkale


Travertines at Pamukkale

Travertines at Pamukkale



Allthego had an encounter with some fish at Pamukkale that eat the dead bits of tissue on your feet. A foot cleanup if you like. Scores of the little fellows nibble away between your toes, around the toe nails, up the calf  and on the soles cleaning up all those rough edges and giving the foot a real nice work over. Very medicinal, relaxing treatment that has ones feet and legs,  half way up the calf,  immersed in fish tanks. Then a whole lot of these little fishes go at it for 20 minutes, even the ones in the tank alongside try to get at you through the adjoining glass panel. I can fully recommend this treatment to sort feet out.   

Allthego's feet under attack from fish.

Allthego’s feet under attack from fish.


Back at the hotel it was into the thermal pools for a mud session and wash down, little black caps were required for hygiene purposes. All shapes and sizes wallowed around in this very brown muddy water enjoying the ambience and company of their fellow travellers. It was almost Roman.


Somebody 'mudding up' in the thermal pool at Pamukkale

Somebody ‘mudding up’ in the thermal pool at Pamukkale









       A long all day drive to Cappadocia awaits the dawn. Our tour group is now down to only 4 of us. We have a driver, and assistant driver and guide to keep us on our toes for the last 4 days of the trip.







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  1. We won’t recognise you after all that beauty treatment Bro.

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