Bar Harbor

We set off from Bethel in bright sunshine and had a very pleasant trip down to Bar Harbor on the Maine coast. It seems that the Fall colours are holding up a little longer towards the coast and as we head south. Nothing like some sunshine to also highlight the colour.








We arrived in town as Halloween was getting underway. By dinner time it was in full swing with all sorts of ghosts, comic book characters etc wandering around town ‘trick n treating’. They even invaded the restaurants.

IMG_0812                                       IMG_8945







Bar Harbor is coming to the end of ‘the season’ with places closing down: shops, tours, hotels, motels, cafes  etc all seem to shut down for November and reopen for Christmas and then hibernate until spring. It is actually lucky that we arrived when we did,  another day or so and we would have missed a bit of the action. Have tried some more crab cakes and finally a famous Maine lobster. The lobsters also close down for winter and go into deeper waters escaping the wily fishermen.

A couple of lobster chicks

A couple of lobster chicks










Have also spent a couple of hours on Oli’s Trolley touring around Bar Harbor’s sites, mostly the Acadia National Park which overlooks the harbour. Some great views. The driver/guide was a veritable talking encyclopedia on the history, people and events of Bar Harbor’s past and present. How on earth he remembers it all is remarkable. It was just not stop but also entertaining.


One of the mansions on the waterfront

One of the mansions on the waterfront


Bar Habor from Cadilac Hill in Acadia National Park

Bar Habor from Cadilac Hill in Acadia National Park





It has been pretty cold today and snow is forecast for the early hours of the morning  as we set  off south for 3 nights in Portland.


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